Best rose toy For Women 2022

Best Rose Toys Review, Top Rose Vibrators For Women 2022

Sex toys have come a long way for women.
From the oldest dildo made from stone that dates back 28,000 years, to the humble steam-powered vibrators and rubber dildos, till today, we can find different kinds of sex toys that are classified in detail by their functions, appearances, and even the using scenario...

A hand held electric vibrator 1909

*A hand held electric vibrator, 1909.(Getty Images: Science and Society Picture Library)

The benefits of the increasing options of the sex toys for women of today is obvious, while at the same time the uneven quality of the products in the market has become a challenge for the users when they are choosing the toys. 


How can I get the Best sex toy?

If you have been on the sexy side of the TikTok over the past year or have tried to pick your dream toy in an adult toys online shop, I believe you must have seen the rose toy, the one that goes viral on social media and also on the market. And I bet you were touched by those crazy reviews about this rose shaped vibrator, no matter if you are a sex toy beginner or you are already an experienced user.
Is Rose Toy the Best Sex Toy as praised? Is it worth the hype? Or as some users complain that it’s kind of sketchy?

Before I am having a general analysis about the rose toy, it’s necessary to let you know that till now the Rose Toy 2.0 as new version has been generated, so when I talk about the rose sexual toy, I’m talking about this rose toy series products (the rose-shaped sex toy) instead of the beginning TikTok rose with only suction function.

different type of rose toy*Rose toy 2.0 series of Rose Toy Official Store


What is the best sex toy for you? The one brings you Orgasm.

Let’s be frank, when we are looking for a sex toy, what we need is the strong sexual pleasure, or we just want to achieve the orgasm by ourselves with less effort.
It’s a sad news that only 65% of heterosexual women get orgasm during sex, and 9% of women had never experienced an orgasm from sexual intercourse. Good news is, compared to vaginal orgasm, many more vulva owners have higher sexual arousal by stimulating clitoris, and vaginal orgasms in fact are related to the indirect stimulation of the clitoris during sex. That’s what exactly the rose vibrator do, to stimulate the clitoris and bring strong orgasm.

The very beginning rose toy provides indirect stimulation by the air pulse that created by the internal vibration. It’s especially designed for the clitoris orgasm, while you can also use it stimulate other erogenous zones. This suction toy has been seen as a beginner friendly toy, and it’s also a good choice for those who believe that the direct stimulation will make them numb (it will not though, according to study).

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As you know, you can find so many different kinds of rose toy, the rose with tongue that licks, the one with vibrating shaft, with vibrating egg... You can choose the rose toy according to your preference. If you feel like you will need something more direct besides the suction, and you know the G-spot stimulation works for you, then a 3-in-1 rose toy would be your best sex toy, which can help you have foreplay and intercourse then get the big O all by your own. 

rose toy for women

Does the rose suction toy really work?

Don’t worry, the rose is not an innocent flower and it knows how to please you better then men do. There was a user said that the rose made her came in 30 seconds. I will not doubt that, there is an article comparing the rose toy to LELO Sona 2, saying that the rose may be too much for some people because its lowest setting is still pretty powerful. But I find the lowest setting in its 10 suction modes of the rose suction toy is not unacceptable at all, instead it’s quite gentle and soft for me. If you prefer a more gentle oral sex feeling, the rose suction toy of the Rose Toy 2.0 may meet your standard,of which the intensity of the lowest setting could be 1 or 2 level lower then the lowest setting of the original rose toy.

The safety is always the basic standard

You are using the sex toy on the private part of your body, so the toys should never be a toxic toy and should never do harm to you.
The rose toy is made of body-safe material, which is hypo-allergenic, and also is one of the safest material I know. The glass and the metal are also safe choices, but for me the silicone is softer and is more likely to provide a realistic skin-like sense of touch. 

You don’t wanna get caught while using your sex toy

Maybe it’s barely possible that a sex toy with motor be mute while working, but at least it should not be loud, especially when you are living with your roommate or with your family, or when you want to use it in public place (not in full view of the public).
The noise level of the rose toy is described as “lower then 55dB”, a normal conversation also contains 55dB. Maybe you think it’s too loud, so do I. Well I had a noise test for the rose toy.
When I turn on the rose suction toy and put it right to the noise tester (in an absolutely quiet room), the decibel value was floating between 49 ~ 53dB; and when I put the working rose toy around 4 meters away from the tester, the value was around 39dB, and I can hear a very faint buzzing, but it can be easily covered by any other sound.
I tried to test the decibel value of the working rose toy in a public place, but I found that I can barely hear the buzzing from either a suction rose, or a tongue licking rose, or even the vibrating egg or vibrating dildo, so I didn't record the decibel value. 

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It’s better if you can enjoy the sex toy during bath

The waterproof properties of a sex toy can makes it a joy for the shower or bath. Well the rose toys in the Rose Toy Official Store are designed as waterproof sex toy and you can just enjoy them during bath, but not all of the rose toys in the market can do this. The PinkCherry Rose Vibrator “is not rated for use in water, so please keep your Rose on dry land.” this is what you can find on the page of the rose vibrator in PinkCherry.

rose toy not rated for use in water

The charging design of the rose toy is an important element for its waterproof performance. The magnetic charging and the pinhole charging help realize no-gap design and the full body covered silicone, that’s how the rose toy achieve the full body waterproof. Also, with magnetic charging and the pinhole charging design, there is no bumpy wire ports to distract while enjoying the rose toy.

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 rose toy magnetic charging and pinhole charging

The easy clean afterward do matter

It will be perfect if an easy clean with soap and water is good enough after using the sex toy. The rose toy can be easy to clean because of its silicone material. But some may find it not that easy to clean because of its petals. In fact it is not that hard if you use the swabs. But if you still find it too much for you, the rose toy with the removable petals part could be a better choice for you, you can clean inside the suction mouth easier, and the clean of the soft petals part is easy too.

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rose toy removable suction mouth

What if you don’t need to hide your sex toy anymore

I know, nowadays people are having a more open sexual attitude and it’s not a big deal that you are using sex toy. But most of the sex toy owners still don’t want their family member or their friend seeing their toys! So a discreet sex toy can always make them feel more secure. I will 100% recommend the rose toys because it’s discreet enough, I can just put it on my dressing table and the rose vibrator will be recognized as a humidifier or a rings holder, or just some elegant decoration.

How much will you pay for it?

The price of the sex toy depends on it's material, design, performance, and so on. You can get a really luxury sex toy from Lelo but will you cost over 200 dollars for it? 
But also, if you are going to order a cheap rose toy lower then $20, be cautious, because the last thing we want is having allergies or getting hurt from it. I think you will find a balance between quality and price in the Rose Toy Official Store, from the basic to the multi-functional, there is the best for you between them.


You need to keep this in mind: the one that meets your needs, is the best sex toy for you. Every individual person is so different and special, we feel the thing in different way. The best one for me can be the "vanilla" for you. Have a try, you may find that the rose toy is the best sex toy 2022.

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