Collection: Rose Toy

If you're looking for the best rose toys, we have a top quality selection of rose toy for women. These rose toys come in a range of thoughtful designs to suit all your preferences, and some even offer double thrill options.

Can you use it in water?

Definitely! All Rose Vibrators at the Rose Toy Official Store are made of body-safe silicone with a seamless design! So you can take this beautiful and cuddly toy anywhere, including bathrooms and pools, and live out your wildest fantasies!

On the other hand, it's also super easy to clean it with water when your fun is over!

But clear attention, when you get it wet, we suggest you wipe and dry a toy with a clean towel or lint-free towel, press the towel around the petals, inside the suction mouth or on the tongue in the middle of the petals to dry it, so as not to Those crevices and grooves harbor bacteria.

How long does it take to charge to use?

When you use a toy for the first time, we recommend fully charging it first! You need to check our product manual for the charging time of each toy, but 2 hours is enough to fully charge most of the toys!

Does it suck or vibrate?

We have a wide variety of rose vibrators with different functions, which can contain one and two functions, and some even have three functions.

For example, our Rose Toy with Vibrating Egg for Women is a clit-sucking and vibrating egg, which means it stimulates your clit while leaving your G-spot or anus alone. Plus, when you take the rose head nozzle off, it can massage other areas of your body in a slapping motion!

Our classic rose toy, on the other hand, is a suction toy that vibrates inside to create airflow that stimulates your clit!

Also, there are rose toys with tongues that lick your clitoris and around your clitoris or nipples.

They have their own strengths, you need to choose which one to put in your bag according to your preferences!

Is it quiet when it works?

Yes, it's very quiet! The noise generated during work is less than 60db!

As we mentioned, great care has been taken from the motor to the battery, with a seamless finish and a very smooth silicone. So even if you use it in public, no one will find it!