Rose Toys Tips

What is Rose toy?

Rose toy, as the name implies, it refers to toys made of or in the shape with roses. But in our Rose toy official store, it represents the sex toy with rose shape made of silicone material. Rose toys are our latest series and most popular products. They are popular and hot on TikTok, YouTube, etc. And becoming the most popular sex toy in 2021. Rose toys is your most worthy choice.

Very popular red rose toy on tiktok

What functions does rose toy have?

There is total 6 kinds of functions, including single function sucking, tongue licking, vibration and 2 in 1 function sucking and tongue licking, sucking and vibration, tongue licking and vibration. More detail and knowledge you can check Select your rose toys.

How to use Rose toy? Are they safe?

To know how to use rose toy, you must first know how to choose the rose toy that suits you and understand their functions. I believe you can learn from self-taught. Please refer to How to Use the Rose Toy.

After selecting your rose toy, please note that you should not use it when there is any damage to avoid possible risks. When rose toy is in good condition, there is no danger, you can use it freely. You can use rose toy to directly touch the skin and privacy. You just need to pay attention to cleaning them before and after use. If you are worried that entering the private place is not sanitary enough, you can use condoms together. 

How to clean Rose toy?

Please understand that all charged rose toy toys cannot be completely immersed in water because they have a charging device. In addition, some rose toy functions are not completely waterproof, such as sucking function. Therefore, we can wet the clean towel with warm water or warm soapy water, and then wipe the rose toy. Of course, you can also wash some completely waterproof places with proper water. After cleaning, dry the rose toy with a clean towel and store it in a cool, dry place.

Some people will buy special rose toy cleaner to clean, and the cleaning method is the same as above. The advantage of special cleaner is that it is easier to clean, and it also can do some protects for rose toy. But cleaner is not necessary, you can choose to buy it, you can save money for more toys, ha-ha.

Is rose toy waterproof? Can be washed with water directly?

Yes, our Rose toy with IP7 waterproof, you can wash with water directly. Please refer to the above cleaning methods.