Rose Toy Official Store: What is a rose toy?

Rose Toy Official Store: What is a rose toy?

Very popular original rose toy on Tik Tok

In the late 1960s, the classic wand massager walked into women’s life. It’s undeniable that the classic is always evocative and also is satisfying. While it’s gratifying to know that, after 60 years, we may now have found an innovatory alternative: the rose toy. Over the past year, the rose sex toy, and the explosive orgasms it brings, have received praise from numerous users and sexologists.

Rose toys, as the name implies, are toys made of roses, or rose-shaped toys. Well, in our official rose toy store, it means a rose-shaped sex toy made from silicone material. This toy first appeared in China, and became popular on tiktok in March 2021. Until now, the #rosetoy posts have gotten nearly 300 million views on social media, the number is continuously rising over time, and the rose toy became the most popular sex toy in 2021.

However, there are still so many users that don’t know much about the rose toy, which has been updated with various versions in the past year, and this led many users to buy fake rose toy products. To reduce the occurrence of this situation, be sure to know the informations below about the Rose Toy products.

What is the rose vibrator?

Roses symbolize romance, love, and blessings, the design of flower-shaped toys is inspired exactly by the roses in nature. Rose toy is also known as rose vibrator or rose clitoral sucker. The very first classic rose toy is rose shaped clitoral vibrator sex toy, which is a 3-in-1 sex toy: air pulse stimulator, vibrator, and clitoris sucker. The little body combines all these functions together and turn into a sexy and adorable clitoral stimulator. Of course, it can also stimulate other erogenous parts of the body. It’s just such a great idea. As the rose vibrator getting popular in the market, we have designed a series of rose toy of different versions with various functions. The sex toys designed in the shape of a rose is the Rose Toy.

Features of rose toy

  • Stable, lovely and elegant design, made of the smooth and medium-hard body safe silicone.
  • waterproof, can be used in water, and is easy to clean
  • compact size, can be carried around in your purse.
  • noise level is lower then 55dB while working, to make sure it’s relatively quiet when using it.
  • multiple mods of stimulation, to get distinct sexual pleasure by customizing the modes you enjoy most
  • Sexy and adorable rose-shaped design, will be a fashionable addition to every stylish adult toys expert or beginner, and at the same time is inconspicuous and discreet enough that is hard to be found out what its real purpose is.
  • One of the most important part is, you can get a sex toy that works as effective as those expensive vibrators with great price.
  • Magnetic USB fast charging, working time could be 60~70 minutes per full charge.
  • discreet package, fast shipping. Enjoy the same service that most of the luxury sex toy brands offer.
  • Various types of rose toy can satisfy different sexual needs.
  • most of the users achieve orgasm in 30 seconds with the rose toy
  • user friendly, one simple press of the button controls everything.

Functions and Types of the Rose Toys

Over the past year, the rose toy has been updated with various versions, from the very first rose toy, to the rose toy with thrusting dildo. They can satisfy diverse sexual desires.

The Rose Toy - Rose Clit Stimulator

red rose toy - rose clit stimulator

This is the very original rose toy, the one that goes viral on TikTok. It sucks and teases your sexy zone by the air pulse that created by the internal vibration with 7 intense suction modes. "It's so unique, the way this cute rose stimulates me." A user, whose videos have 6 million views on TikTok, talked about this rose toy in her video, "It only took me 30 seconds to cum."

Clit Licking Rose Vibrator

Pink Rose Tongue Toy



Craving for a lover’s tongue? Great! This rose toy has a soft flexible tongue, that licks you with 10 licking modes, from gentle to intense, quick to slow... It licks and flirts like a lover, and help you have the orgasm.

Rose Toy Tongue Vibrating Wand


Red Rose Toy Vibrator Wand



Want to get the G-Spot massage pleasure while enjoying the clitoral stimulation? This blooming rose toy, will be the elegant females’ best choice. Feel the rhythmic breath of the clitoris while the vibrating shaft tapping your G-Spot intensely with 9 level of forces. No matter what intensity you prefer: gentle, strong, or between them, using this 2-in-1 rose vibrator is the easiest and fastest way to achieve the blended orgasm. And the next climax is coming for a simple press of the button.


Rose Toy with Dildo

red rose toy with dildo


This rose toy is the upgraded version of the one with a vibrating egg, which the egg is changed to a thrusting dildo, while the rose is a clitoral licking stimulator with tongue. Let it lick your clit, get the clitoral orgasm, or direct the tongue to stimulate your nipples, anus... the perfect combination of this two functions will give you the sexual stimulation you have never experienced.

What makes this sex toy great?

The Elegant Design

There’s no doubt that the elegant appearance of the rose toy is enormously attractive for every fashion ladies, also it fits well in a purse and can be carried around for it’s medium size. More than that, the women rose toy can be decorated with as an artwork, and nobody will know what it actraully is.

Made of Quality Material

Made of medical grade silicone, this not only provides a comfortable using experience, but also guarantee the safety of the product, especially when we are going to use it on the body’s private parts.

Multi-Mode Setting

The first rose toy is featured with 7 suction modes: 3 different intensities with 4 various speeds and rhythms provide constant clitoral stimulation. These 7 modes can be simply switched by one little button, which is also used to turn on or off the toy. You can quickly find the stimulating pattern that fits best for you, and achieve the orgasm with the rose toy.

Waterproof Design

Most of the rose sex toys are waterproof. It means that you can use them in the water, and can clean them easily. 

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How to use rose toy

  • long press power button for 3 seconds
  • Short press to switch stimulating speed or intensity

check the state of the package and the product upon delivery. Ensure the toy is fully charged before using it. Read the user manual and to be familiar with the operating buttons.
Remember to apply lube on the toy also on your skin to reduce friction which might cause chafing and also to help you play around with new sensations and experiences.
At the beginning of using the rose toy, you don’t have to rush to the clitoris, it’s better to start stimulating the nipples with the most basic stimulation level, then move on to next level when you get used to it.

Of course you can try the rose toy on any other erogenous zones of your body, the place that you will achieve the biggest pleasure, the orgasm, is the clitoris and vagina though.
Here are some tips to help you master the rose toy ASAP:

1.Keep adjusting the distance and the angle of the rose until you feel good about it.
2.try different speed/intensity/rhythm modes, and stick to it when you find your favorite one or your favorite combination.
3.If you feel any pain or discomfort while using the rose toy, please turn down the speed/intensity or stop using it.
4.Clean it after use.

Different kind of rose toys have different functions, some of them are featured with tongue licking function, some with suction function, and some are used for the vaginal or anal penetration as the vibrator. So it could be very different when you use different types of rose toy.
If you want to know more about using rose toy, read: How to Use The Rose Toy? And 8 Important Tips

concluding remarks

The Rose Toys have strived to improve the sex life for everyone. It’s known for its rosette look while its functions and designs are keeping upgraded. Rose Toy Official Store wishes the rose toys can be known and tried by more and more people, and become the users’ favorite sex toy.

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