Rose Toy official store not only designs and manufactures rose toys that are loved by women all over the world, but also upholds the belief that everyone deserves happiness. Rose Toys represents confidence, joy, and love. Join us, because happiness is right here!

Original Rose Toy - Rose Clit Stimulator

Redefining the art of happiness

The Rose Clitoral Stimulator is our most popular rose toy that will provide you with unforgettable and elegant orgasms

Rose Toy with Tongue

The Magic of the Tongue

The Rose Toy with Tongue is 35% faster than a real tongue, providing you with never-ending tongue licking fun.

Rose Dildo

Rose Dildo - Heat Up Your Temptation

The Rose Dildo is specifically designed to satisfy all your sensitive and sweet spots, aiming to bring you multiple intense orgasms, with more waiting for you to discover and explore.

Rose Toy with Tail - Rose Toy for Women

Rose Toy with Tail - Rose Toy for Women

The Rose Toy with Vibrating Egg is designed for mixed orgasms. Give your clitoris an ecstatic sucking experience while stimulating your G-spot or anus.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a rose toy?

Rose toys, as the name implies, are toys made or shaped from roses. But in our rose toy official store, it represents a rose-shaped sex toy made of silicone material. Rose toys are our newest collection and most popular. With their cute and small appearance and powerful functions, they are popular on TikTok, YouTube and more, and become the most popular sex toys in 2021. Rose Vibrator is your most worthy choice.

Is this the very popular rose toys on TikTok?

Yes, this is the original rose toy on TikTok. is genuine rose toy store.

How to use rose toy?

1. After receiving the rose toy, please check that it is not damaged, it is recommended to ensure that it is fully charged before use.
2. Press and hold the button for 5 seconds to power on.
3. Make sure you have lube to reduce any discomfort you may experience without some form of lubrication.

First, use your fingers to open the labia, then use the rose sucking function to suck slowly, starting from a low intensity, if you feel that the intensity is too low, slowly increase the intensity until it increases to a suitable intensity, I believe you can be very Find happy patterns quickly. Be careful not to overstimulate, especially when using it for the first time, it needs to be applied gently. Or you can alternate between low and high intensity, or place slightly further away from your clitoris and slowly approach your clitoris.

If your clitoris is particularly sensitive then you don't need to let it fully touch your clitoris because if it does it has the potential to overstimulate your clitoris and be uncomfortable, sometimes you don't need to touch your clitoris because the pulse can still make Your clitoris feels irritated.

Remember to always use a water-based lubricant to avoid overstimulation. Read more:How to Use The Rose Toy?

Is it sucking or vibrating?

The original rose toy has 7 kinds of sucking functions, but we have designed rose toy with different functions - rose toy for women, rose clitoral stimulator, rose clitoral sucker, rose toy tongue, rose toy, rose butt plug, red rose vibrator, rose Toy with dildo, 2 in 1 rose toy.

Does the rose toy come with a remote control?

Different rose toys come with different sets, the classic version of the rose toy has no remote control. It is controlled by a button.

How does the rose toy work?

The original rose toy has 7 sucking vibration modes with adjustable intensity levels, and the rose toy 2.0 has 10 tongue-licking vibration modes, from gentle to wild, you can quickly find the stimulation intensity that suits you.

What’s the real working noise of this rose vibrator?

The working noise of the rose toy is less than 50dB, so you can enjoy the clitoral stimulator without any worries.

Is this rose toy suitable for beginners?

Yes, our rose toys are suitable whether you are a beginner or an expert.

How to charge the rose toy?

Charges via magnetic USB dock. It takes about 60 minutes to fully charge the rose toy, and the usage time is about 45-50 minutes. Read more:How to Charge Rose Toy?

Why is my rose toy not charging?

The on/off button will blink while charging and stop blinking when fully charged. If not, please check if there is an alignment interface, or if the charger is broken. Otherwise please contact our customer service support team.

Is the rose toy 100% waterproof?

Yes, the adult rose toy is 100% waterproof. So it's easy to clean and you can use it in the bath or shower!

How to clean rose toys?

Our Rose toy with IP7 waterproof, you can wash with water directly. But please don't let it soak in water for a long time. After cleaning, dry the rose toy with a clean towel and store it in a cool, dry place. Read more:How to Clean Rose Toy?

How to know the rose toy is fully charged?

The light is flashing to indicate that it is charging, and the light is always on to indicate that it is fully charged.

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