How to Clean Rose Toy

How to Clean Rose Toy?

In the past two years the rose sex toys have significantly improved our sexual life, and brought the different orgasms to you and to your partner. Well, think about how to clean the rose toys at this sexy moment could be such a wet blanket. But as an adult, this is the last duty we must carry out when we are making safe sexual behavior. Just like you can not ignore your beautiful outfit, you should figure out how to clean your rose toy correctly. The cleaning will become very easy when you know exactly what you are doing.


Do I still need to clean my rose toy if I’m the only person using it?

The answer is definitely yes. The reason why we must clean the sex toys is that an unclean sex toy will introduce unwanted bacteria or other pathogens into the vaginal or anal environment, and cause bacterial infection or transmission of sexually transmitted infections. Maybe you think that the infections will never happen if you are the only person using your toy, but we would say never insert an unclean sex toy or anything into your body! There are countless normal bacteria flora and yeast in your vagina which will not threat to health or do any harm, but help to keep the vagina healthy by maintaining the correct pH balance. Using an unclean sex toy will disrupt the vaginal balance by the bacteria growing on the toy’s surface then increase the risk of infection.

But if you clean your silicone rose toy correctly, there will be no risk of infection no matter if it’s used by only one person or by multi-person.

Besides, if you want to avoid your rose toy from eroding material, from the shape-shift, or from the disruption of the motor, to the prolong the service life of your rose toy, then clean your rose toy correctly and regularly, is just as important as to use it.


The main material of the rose toy is silicone

In fact the whole sex toy industry is basicly unregulated specially in the United States, you may see some rose toy online with really good price, but what you should be aware of is the possibility of using the inferior or unsafe materials for the production of these rose toys.

The material like “jelly”, PVC, or the rubber are all porous, the invisible pores of these materials are the rent-free housing of those bacteria, mildew, fungus etc. You just cannot clean these materials to a “clean” state, the mold spores and the bacteria will hide perfectly in thises pores. That’s why you should care about a porous rese toy. We are not saying that all porous sex toys are toxic, but they are just more unstable, and are easier to house and spread microorganisms, so it would be technically less “body safe”.

The silicone would be the most recommended material when you are choosing a rose toy, which is extreme soft and just feel like real skin, and at the same time is body safe. And there are more options for a rose butt plug, the material could be glass, stainless steel, and so on. These are the non-porous and nothing can be harbored in those pores, or, their pores are not big enough for bacteria, mold, mildew, etc.

Anyway, no matter what’s the material of the rose toy you are using, you have better clean and dry it well every time after using it, and storage the toy in the place as clean as possible.


You also need to clean the rose toy every time before using it

The rose toy may have been exposed to dust, fluff, body hair or other impurities since the last time you used it. Maybe you have thoroughly cleaned your toy after using it, but it will not do any harm to clean it before using it, and you have better do so. Well, I guess you don’t want to put any of these impurities into your vagina or anus, so, to have a better sex experience with your rose toy, why don’t you just clean the toy before using it, a simple wash with clear water will be enough. If you really want to skip the cleaning before using, cool, but you must have a nice and thorough cleaning every single time after using, and make sure that you have storaged it properly and no bacterial growth.


There are the methods of cleaning the rose toy after using it


You can only sanitize a non-porous material rose toy. The only occasion you would really need to do the sanitizing is if you’re sharing the rose toy between people, or you currently have a yeast infection or bacterial infection. And you need to keep this in mind, you should never share a porous material toy, or if you have to do so, you can just cover the toy with a condom.
You can sanitize the silicone, ABS plastic, metal... just use a quick dip in 10% bleach solution in cold water(never to heat the bleach) , and rinse it well in a mild soap and water after.


First of all, never boil the rose vibrator, or any sex toy with motor.
For some glass, metal and silicone toys, you can be boiled them for 3-5 minutes to do the cleaning. The silicone material will be cleaned whashing in mild soap and water, while it’s actually microporous and can hang on to odors, so if it’s meant for anal play and you want to remove butt odors from the plugs, you can consider giving it a good boil after using it.
And if you are going to boil a glass toy, include a small towel in the pot would be the best, to prevent the glass from cracking up.

A simple soap-and-water wash up would usually be fine

For most of the time, a simple soap-and-water wash up on the surface of the toy can really be good enough for the non-porous toys like silicone, glass or stainless steel.

1.First of all you need to choose the right soap, which should be mild, unscented, and colorless. Why does the mild ingredient matter? The complex ingredients of a fragranced soap could not be friendly for the silicone material; besides, the fragranced soap could do the worst to the vaginal, which keeps itself healthy by maintaining the correct pH balance, and any inappropriate cleaning will disrupt the bacterial balance and this can result in bacterial vaginosis, yeast infection, and other irritation... Of course you should always clean and remove the soap, but just in case that there is any residue left by the surface, a mild soap would be a safest choice.

2.Apply the mild soap on the rose toy, rub the surface by your hands. The hardest part to clean is the rose toy’s suction mouth, the licking tongue, and the petals part, also the rose toy charging port, or the crevices where different materials meet. These crevices and ridges require special attention to detail when you are cleaning, where you could use the swabs or your fingernail together with a wipe to clean.(A brush or a toothbrush is not recommended to do the clean because the bristles might scrape the rose toy’s surface).

3.Rinse the soap scum off on the surface of the rose toy

Rinse very well the soap and scum on the surface of the toy under the flowing water, keep rubbing it until you can feel the rough.

4.Dry the rose toy

In stead of the tissue paper, which will leave the crumbles on the toys, we suggest you to wipe and dry the rose toy with a clean towel or a lint-free towel. Press the towel to absorb and dry around the petals part, inside the suction mouth or the tongue in the middle of the petals to avoide breeding bacteria in those crevices and grooves.


After cleaning the rose you could storage it in place allowing for air flow to avoide breeding bacteria, and at the same time you should not expose the toy under the sun for a long time, or the rose toy might be out of shape or even cracked. You could also place the rose toy as a decoration, who can tell that this elegant rose is a sex toy. Of course, if you want to avoide your toy from the dust and other impurities in the air, you could just put it in a silk pouch, to make sure the cleanness while allowing for air flow.


If you're feeling lazy, in fact you can (occasionally) get away from cleaning after using the rose toy.

The sex toy cleaner can be used to clean and sanitize a rose toy without damaging its materials, which is a quite a quick and discreet method. But use the sex toy cleaners as a daily cleaning method is not a good idea, the cleaners are more like a dry shampoos, you can clean the outside of the toy but you are not able to fully clean past the absolute surface. However, you could make exceptions if the orgasms make it impossible for you to go on to a detailed cleaning, you could use the cleaner to wipe the rose toy for a rough cleaning, and give it a deeper wash when you're ready to do it. While in fact if you are using the silicone material sex toy, it’s pretty safe if you don’t clean it immediately after use, because you can get sanitized clean later on.


Hope this article helped you quickly learn how to clean rose sex toys, if you want to know more about how to clean rose toys, please subscribe to our newsletter for the latest news and more information about rose sex toys.

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