Select Your Rose Toys

We have different rose toys to different customers.

How do we choose the most suitable rose toys?

At present, all rose toy functions are as follows:
There is total 6 kinds of functions, including single function sucking, tongue licking, vibration and two in one function sucking and tongue licking, sucking and vibration, tongue licking and vibration.

How to choose?

For beginners: it is recommended to try sucking or licking rose toy in a single function first, because they are more gentle and real, like your lover gently kissing and licking your skin and privacy with his lips and tongue. Some partners do not want to put their mouths on women's private places, rose toy with sucking and licking functions is the best choice. They can let you get the sexual pleasure that your lover can't give you, when and where, as long as you want, you can have them. No matter whether your lover is willing to put his or her mouth in your privacy, they are your best partners. They are small, portable, and can accompany you all the time. While making you happy, they do no harm to your body. You can enjoy them with ease. Please don't miss them!

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Why don't I recommend the vibration function for beginners? Because the vibration has a stronger sense of stimulation and a higher vibration frequency, for beginners, excessive vibration will affect the experience of orgasm. In our opinion, sex is about enjoying the process of orgasm, not the result. But if your opinion is contrary, you can absolutely try them. Let's not think too much, just try.

For novelty explorers: single function vibrator and two in one function rose toy with vibrator are nice choices. Maybe you have used ordinary vibrating toys, but our rose toy vibrator is different. Ordinary vibrating toys are designed to be large, long and have high vibration frequency, but our rose toy is not. Our rose toy is designed to be a short and small vibrating rod or vibrating egg, which is appropriate in size, so that it can easily "slip" into your privacy without leaving any gaps. The vibrating egg can be well integrated with your privacy. You can try different frequencies according to your mind, without discomfort or danger.

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In addition, the rose toy with the two in one function allows you to get two functions at the same time. You can use them separately in different private parts to enjoy double pleasure, tenderness or stimulation. You may have no time to care about the pleasure and orgasm they bring to you, and you are exhausted.

For novelty seekers, they are the most popular products, and you should not lose them.

The last is the expert level: for sexual pleasure experience experts, they can clearly know what kind of rose toy they need without recommendation. Each expert has different choices, but their choice ideas are almost the same. For example, they will choose multiple toys at a time, and they will match them according to their needs, which toy to use, which two or more toys to use together, how to use one person, how to use with their lover, and so on. Therefore, all rose toys are their aims. They will choose corresponding toys according to different needs and combine them to let themselves and their lover get the ultimate sexual pleasure.

Thanks very much for rose toy's help. I found myself, self-confidence and self love. Let me and my lover have no gap in sexual life, and we have been immersed in the sweet newlywed life. This is the sharing of an experienced person.

Thank my customers. Rose toy official Store is more meaningful because of you!

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