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In this special vocation, you should get the best rose sex toy - the gift not only achieving you the uninhibited pleasure over and over again, but also making you and your loved one even more into each other. So now, Rose Toy Official Store lists some most amazing rose toy hot sale, and is waiting for you to unpack them. Check the below list, see which are the gifts most cost-effective!

For the one who love the clitoris

Rose clit stimulator & tongue vibrator

Rose clit stimulator & tongue vibrator

Rose clit stimulator & tongue vibrator is specially designed for those who find the other type of rose toys overstimulating. Same as the other rose toy, it involves the multiple vibrating levels and intensities, but it’s equipped with a deeper and the wider mouth, which means it makes the stimulation over the clitoris more gentle. And you can find a tongue vibrator on the other side, which allows you to have the two experience - suction and the licking - with one toy. So Rose clit stimulator & tongue vibrator is perfect for the girls and the guys liking it gentle, and for the player looking for the rose toy going with their internal stimulating vibrator, also for the beginner trying to buy their first rose vibrator.



  • suitable for beginners as well as the sex toy expert
  • Providing 20 vibration modes
  • Combining the sucking and the licking function
  • Wider mouth to stimulate more vulva
  • Perfectly match with the insertable toy

For the rose tongue vibrator

rose tongue vibrator

If you like the magic of the tongue, you will must fall in love with the rose toy tongue vibrator. This rose vibrator going with a human being mimic tongue, who tells you that you need a partner to feed you up? Meanwhile, the vibrating tongue and the rose petal can stimulate your labia and the vulva, just like the mouth gently kisses over your whole pudendum. Just make sure applying enough lube, to get the ultimate smooth feeling of the silica.



  • Gentle and deepgoing oral sex experience
  • 18 vibration modes setting
  • Get double stimulation on the clit at the same time
  • The petals vibrate too

For the blended orgasm

Rose Toy with Vibrating Egg for Women

The Women Rose Toy with Vibrating Egg stimulates your sensitive spots in the way as never before. It provides sucking, tapping and vibrating all at the same time, allowing you to have a higher experience throughout the whole play. As an extra reward, when the stimulation of sucking thrills you already, the cap over the suction mouth can be removed and the pistils inside can tap your clit with high frequency, at the same time the bullet vibrator on the tail end goes into your vagina or anus. Versatility is at its best, no matter in solo game or partner sex.



  • Suitable for foreplay, anal sex
  • Multiple stimulation modes
  • Wide range of setting and power
  • It’s for the beginner also for the expert, anybody should enjoy it.

For the prostate stimulating lover

rose butt plug

For those penis owner who want to try the anal sex, we will say this is one of the best rose toy. Inside the anus is full of the pleasurable nerve endings, while rose butt plug can fill this mysterious zone up. The carved rose on the base of the rose butt plug makes it a solid but elegant anal toy. There are 3 size in one set, to satisfy every “butt owner”, no matter if you are ready to try for the first time, or have already achieved the joy of the anus.



  • Different size for both beginner and old hand
  • Just like a rose burst into bloom on between your butt cheek
  • Unique and elegant design

For the G Spot

rose toy tongue G spot vibrator

The well designed rose toy tongue G spot vibrator looks slender, while its length and the design of the specific tip can hit right on your G spot, so it’s one of the best female internal stimulator. Technically it’s a G spot vibrator, however you can find the tongue vibrator on the other end, which can stimulate any of your external erogenous zones, to bring you more pleasure. Fit this rose toy into your sexy game, explore your body with abandon.



  • Great for the one into G-Spot stimulation also for who like external arousal
  • 18 vibration setting
  • With tongue licking function
  • Target on the G spot accurately

For the rose clit stimulator

rose clit stimulator

The rose clit stimulator is so far the buyer’s favorite rose sex toy, it’s the very first rose adult toy and promoted the design and development of the other products of the rose toy series. This product focuses on the clitoris, and drive you to the orgasm instantly. Besides, it’s equipped with a narrower suction mouth, which is perfect for the player who likes focusing on the clit and stimulate it directly.



  • 10 suction modes
  • Stimulating the clitoris with accuracy
  • Achieving the orgasm rapidly
  • Great for masturbation and amazing for couple game
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