How to Charge The Rose Toy

How to Charge The Rose Toy?

When you finally recieve the rose toy that have waited a couple days and don’t know how to charge it, or you find that you can’t charge your rose vibrator and don’t know why... this is a specific and complete guide about the cahrging of the rose toy. With this guide we believe that you are able to solve 99% of the charging problem of the rose sex toys.


How to charge rose vibrator

Rose Toy Charger - Charging Base 

I didn’t know that this could be a question, until I found that there were so many people are asking “how to charge this?”

Well, the rose toy is adopted the magnetic USB charging method, which means that you may need an USB power adapter to connect the charging cable, or you can plug the USB head of the power cable to your computer, or to the power bank, just like how you do to your smartphone. But the connection between the rose vibrator and the charging cable has adopted the magnetic technology.

Rose Toy Charging Accesories
  • For the magnetic base USB charging: All you need to do is rotate and adjust the rose toy body, to align the 2 charging pins of its buttom to the pins of the round charging base, until the indicator is flashing, which means the rose toy is charging. It takes around 60 minutes to get fully charged.
  • For the magnetic USB charging: the charging port is usually designed on the side of the rose’s body, so you can easily see if the cable’s charging pins are aligned to the rose’s.
  • For the Needle charging cable: the charging port is next to "5V", you can easily see it, and it can be charged by directly plugging in the charging cable.

In a word, the key of charging the rose toy, is to make sure that the positive and negative magnetic pins of the rose toy charger are aligned to the rose toy’s charging port.


Why is my rose toy not charging?


1. Check if the magnetic charging base’s or the charging cable’s pins are connected to the rose’s pins. They are usually tightly connected, if not, just use your hand to make them connect well.

2. The indicator flashes when the charging base or the charging cable is connected well to the rose, and it means the device is charging normally; if not, please check if the metallic pins are covered by dust, and just clean the dust then try connecting again.

3. After cleaning the dust and make sure the charger is perfectly connected to the device, if the indicator flashes, the wire works well; if the indicator light is not lit, the charging cable may be damaged, and you should try a new charging cable.

4. Although the rose toy is quite a durable sex toy, we still can not guarantee that the battery or the motor 100% won’t be damaged. If you have changed a new charging cable that do work properly, but still can’t charge the toy, then you will need to contact the store where you bought the rose toy, to return it for a maintenance or for a replacement.

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Why adopt the magnetic charger for the rose toy ?


With the magnetic charging cable you can connect and disconnect the charging cable with less effort, and also this is a safer choice during charging compared with a common charging solution. Lets take a quick look at the advantage and disadvantage of the magnetic charging cable:


1.It has a great advantage for the longevity of the rose toy’s charging port, the magnetic charging port can avoid the damage caused by the constantly plug in and pull out in daily use, and also can reduce the scratches that might caused while using the port. The magnetic charging cable make the charging so easy and convenient, just direct the magnetic head of the cable to the rose body’s charging port, you can feel that the cable’s head is attracted to the port and is connected well automatically, then begin charging.

2. The magnetic charging solution provides a good sealing performance, so that you can use the rose vibrator in water. It significantly improve the waterproof performance of the rose toys, and also have eased the cleaning difficulties.

3. Charging speed is fast. The magnetic charging cable is designed to transport the high current 5A-30A, which realize the fast charging and the high current charging at the same time.

the disadvantage of the magnetic charging cable:
there are so many advantage of the magnetic charging for the rose toy, unfortunately, because of the limitations of the currently existing technology, there are also disadvantage of this charging solution. For example, the connection problem. The lack of the high precision of the joint, result in the swaggering of the charging cable, which causes the crevice between the pins. So it happens, that the charging is paused even the cable seems to be connected well to the charging port.

However, if you just don’t take it that serious about the disadvantage while charging the rose vibrator, what the magnetic charging solution brings to the rose toy is great, and also you will be able to have that phenomenal experience the toy brings to you.


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You usually will get a charging cable for every rose toy you buy. And if you find that the provided cable is damaged when you charge your rose, you will need to get a new magnetic cable from the seller to charge your toy. We know that this is one of the most annoying problem for many of the users, because it will take another few days to wait for the new charging cable. If you just can't wait to use the rose toy for the night, why don’t you try making your own magnetic charging cable.

Prepare these materials and tools before you are going to make your own charger: 2 small magnet, one USB charging cable(could be the one you are not gonna use anymore ), pincer plier, scissor, and shrink tubing.
Let’s move on if you are ready:

1.Cut the USB cable on the end that connects the device, and strip the cable with the pincer plier.

2. Strip the wire until you can see the anode and cathode solid copper wires, cut 2 little pieces of the shrink tubing (long enough to cover the copper part of the wire) then cover them on the anode and cathode copper wires.

3. Put the 2 prepared small magnet separately on the shrink tubing covering on the anode and cathode wire, then a simple magnetic charging cable is almost done. We suggest you using the terete magnets to realize a better connection to the rose toy’s charging port.

4. Fix the magnetic connector you made with wire tape, then you can start using it.

The below is a video of a youtuber making a magnetic charing cable for a smartphone, and the self-made process is quite similar to the process of making a rose toy charger. You can take it as a reference.


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