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The Rose Toy Heat Up your Winter

Winter Makes You Want More Sex?

As we know, many animals hibernate during winter months, or at least will become sluggish. What about the human? Well, I believe many of you will get that lazy feeling when it’s getting cold. However! A study from a male perspective found that for men, a female body could be very attractive in winter, because everyone wear more in this season, and showing a little skin could be tempting enough for the men when everyone is wrapping themselves up.

And yes, winter do make men want more sex. Due to changes in climate and sleep patterns, men's testosterone levels - one of the hormones that regulate male libido - will peak in December. The higher the level, the higher the libido.

Of course we want to seek warmth when we are cold, it's the nature of seeking advantages and avoiding disadvantages. Coupled with the gathering of Christmas, New Year’s Day and other festival by the end of the year, the romantic atmosphere of festivals has an impact on people’s psychology.

Sex, a very warm sport, has naturally been in the must do list for many people.  

So how to Make Love in winter when hands are tied?


rose toy for couple

Let The Rose Toy Heats you Up

The sex toy can help you get the best orgasm with less effort in the cold winter, it can stimulate every sensitive part of your body you enjoy. And the Rose Toy, which meets all your need about sex: External, Internal and Double Stimulation, and the Anal play. Besides the way it pleases you, the rose-shaped design of this adult toy will also add some more romance and passion in your sexy play, this also makes the rose toy the perfect choice for your sexual game.

In Rose Toy Official Store, you can find distinct type of rose vibrator, and each of them will spice up the cold winter night.


Rose Clit Stimulator Spices up the sexual play

If you just want to add some external teasing on your honey spots, the classic designed rose clitoral stimulator with suction stimulator, licking tongue, or the massage head, will be a good choice. Let it tease all of your erogenous zones during foreplay or have some extra stimulation on your clitoris while your man is working hard on the thrusting... The compact size of this type of rose vibrator allows you to lay and enjoy, just find the point that you can feel the stimulation on the clit, and hold the rose toy with your legs, the climax is coming for you.

 rose toy suction stimulator

G-Spot Rose Toy Leads you to the Heaven of Vaginal Orgasm

More into the G-spot stimulation? The rose toy with tail or with vibrating shaft can give the satisfaction that you are craving for, and can set you on fire in seconds even though it's under 0º outside the room. The G-spot is a small bump that is about 6 centimeters deep on the vaginal wall. If you imitate the penetrative sex - the powerful vibration of rose toy will make it way more amazing - to stimulate this mysterious spot, it will cause the very intense vaginal orgasms. A G-spot rose vibrator always has a clear curvature and/or bulge on the inserting part, so you can have a stronger feeling when you direct it properly to the G-spot, and the shaft-designed rose toy will make it easier for you to control the direction when it's inside you.

double sided rose toy


Rose Toy with Tail is Born for the Blended Orgasms

If you want to know how good the blended orgasm is, don't miss out the Rose Toy with Tail, the connecting cord between the rose head and the tail part allows you to have the external and internal stimulation at the same time. Imagine it, the game is still going on even though your man is off, you don’t need to rush to the end because of the cold. I know you still need some time to get there, so just warmly covered by the quilt, and keep going with the rose toy with tail, and wait for the mind blowing blended orgasm... What about your man? Just let him lay beside you and breath or whatever... or it may make him feel better if he can keep kissing you and stimulating any other part of your body. That will be your moment.

female rose toy

No matter which is your favorite type of rose toy, they will be the best gift for you in the cold winter.

And here are some more tips for you to make the sex better in the cold weather.

Taking a hot shower together

Taking a hot shower together is definitely a comfortable warm option. If the shower is not warm enough for two people, what about a steamy bath in the bathtub. The hot water will improve the blood flow and keep you warm even after the bath. Or to make it more convenient, it's a good idea to just use the bathroom as a place to "stage the show".


Some warm-up exercises will warm you up

You can arrange a brisk walk or similar lightweight warm-up exercise before the sex plan. Exercise will increase the body temperature and make people more energetic. You can take off your clothes directly after returning home. Started more vigorous "exercise".


Choose a warm position

Having one more person around is so different from the masturbation when you are alone, and this is a good opportunity to get closer to each other. Try the spoon style, two people are wrapped in the quilt, skin to skin, body rubbing against each other, and the physical exertion is not so intense, so you can experience more comfort and intimacy.

This is one of the most beautiful and romantic thing I can imagine in the world, to hug each other and sleep after the end.


Indispensable socks

A study by the University of Groningen in the Netherlands showed that 80% of couples orgasmed while wearing socks, while only 50% of couples could orgasm when they did not wear socks.

Socks can make people feel comfortable, warm and safe, and make the brain less prone to the fear and anxiety caused by the cold. At the same time, wearing socks can keep the temperature of the feet, allowing better blood flow, resulting in a better orgasm.

In the cold season, socks are even more indispensable, try not to take off your socks next time!


Rose Toy Official Store wish you a warm and spicy winter. And we always hope that you can get the amazing orgasms with the company of the luxurious rose toys in those sexy moments.

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