Rose toy - Gift for this Christmas

Rose toy - Gift for this Christmas

In the most beautiful day of the this year, everyone is looking for a heartwarming holiday gift, and some will add lots of stuff in their bag for the Christmas. Don’t be struggling, come and check the gifts that we meticulously pick for you, to bring some romance to you and your partner, and to warm up the whole winter.


Rose clit sucker & tongue vibrator - oral sex lover

Rose clit sucker & tongue vibrator

it's the perfect time to reward ourselves in the holiday, you got to get what you really need this Christmas! Whether you like to have your lover sucking or licking, this toy can bring you the incomparable oral sex experience. So here you go, the perfect gift list for the most picky pleasure seeker.


For the clit lover - rose clit stimulator

rose clit stimulator

For the unanimously praised rose clit stimiulator - by the users also the sexual experts- what else can we ask for? In stead of the traditional vibration, the unique air pulse stimulation lead you to the orgasm, which means it resonate deeply with the clitoris, and bring the completely overwhelming pleasure.


For G-spot lover - rose toy with dildo

rose dildo

The rose toy with dildo is a double stimulator, which is equipped with a tongue vibrator, and go with a thrusting dildo (G-Spot massager) at the tail end. Most of the women can achieve orgasms through multiple stimulation, and this is what this rose vibrator provides,so why don’t you share it with your intimate partner? Let’s make this Christmas the best Christmas ever!


For both of you - Tongue rose toy with vibrating egg

Tongue rose toy with vibrating egg

The tongue vibrator with vibrating egg is the must have little prop for the lovers to maximize the fun and pleasure. While making out, have the rose head licking her clitoris, his testicles... or just put the vibrating egg in the vagina, to give the extra feeling for both of you. For fun, or for a stronger pleasure, this rose is the gift for you and your partner to immerse and enjoy.


As the addition to the sexy box - Rose Toy with Vibrating Egg for Women – Multicolor

Rose Toy with tail

This gift means so much, you can treat the important person without digging deep into your pocket. The rose toy with vibrating egg for women is a multifunctional vibrator, it’s charged by the USB magnetic charger, full body waterproof, and the compact size id perfect to put in the purse. The powerful function, and it’s great portability make this rose an entertaining gift for everyone.


For the adventurer - Vibrating Rose Mouth Ball

Vibrating Rose Mouth Ball

The rose ball gag is the perfect toy on the list of the adventurer, giving this luxury pleasurable rose toy as a gift to yourself, or to your partner, you can encourage your playmate to explore the even more thrilling sensual fantasy in the coming night. Wear this rechargeable vibrating rose ball gag with powerful features, bringing the deep satisfaction to you and your partner.
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