Put a Condom on Your Rose Toy - Reasons & Tips

Put a Condom on Your Rose Toy - Reasons & Tips

When people talk about the condoms, they are more likely to talk about preventing pregnancy. Well, as the rose toy user, have you ever thought of using the condoms on your rose toys? I know, we barely consider using protection with the rose toys, after all they don’t cause STI or pregnancy, but it’s actually a smart way to protect ourselves, or at least you could take advantage of using the condoms.  


So, should you put a condom on the rose toys?

I will recommend you doing so, maybe it’s not always a must do, but it’s necessary in some cases.


use condoms
  1. Will it be necessary if you are the only person to use your rose toy?
    Yes it could be if you have been diagnosed with any viral issue or bacterial, like UTI, chlamydia or gonorrhea... If you have not cured these kinds of infections, it’s easy for you to reinfect yourself, maybe by using your own rose toy.
    Of course you can choose to have an immediate and complete sanitizing to your rose toy every time after playing with it. While the condom is a second level protection, physical and psychological. And you will still need to sanitize your rose toy even though you have put a condom on it, to make sure there is no chance for you to reinfect yourself during the sexy game.

  2. Use the condom if your rose toy is going between holes.
    As you know, the penetrative part of the multi-functional rose toy, can not only be used for the vagina, but also can be used in anal play. But you should never insert the rose toy into vagina after having an anal penetration with it. You could transmit bacteria from the anus to your vagina and cause infection.
    But if you do want to maximize your rose toy and take full advantage of it, by having both anal and vaginal stimulation with the same rose toy in one playing, using the condom is a great solution.
    Just make sure using a fresh condom on the rose toy if it’s going between holes.

  3. The condom is definitely necessary if you are sharing your rose toy.
    If you are going to share your rose toy to the one who is not a fluid bonded partner, or if your rose toy is joining the group sex and be used between different people, you must cover the rose toy with condom and use it cautiously, and you should use a new one when it’s going to the next person.
    Share the rose toy between playmates can be super sexy and also is crazy. But this is a high-risk activity and if any of the toy shared playmates is the STI carrier, you could really get yourself in trouble. So it’s better not to share your rose toy.

  4. Make the cleanup easier
    Getting tired of the cleanup every time after the rose toy party? I understand it, when you are still immersed in the satisfaction bringing by the orgasms, but have to face the cleanup - the rose is covered by your body fluid - if you just let go and hit the sack, hours later you will have to put more effort in the cleaning.
    Or you can just put a condom on your rose toy, after the playing, roll it out and throw away. Isn’t it easy? In fact, you can still clean your rose toy quite well with soap and water even though your body fluid has stayed on the toy for hours. Because the rose toy is made by the body-safe silicone, which is nonporous material and doesn’t collect the bacteria. But I know, it still will make you feel nervous if you didn’t clean your rose right away, because the bacteria is invisible. So the condom in some way can make you feel better, if you want to delay the cleanup.

    More about: How to clean rose toy?

  5. To avoid the smells of anal
    As one of the safest nonporous materials of the rose toys, the silicone won’t collect and grow the bacteria, but it do absorb the smell. So if you are the anal play lover and love to do it with the rose toy, the toy will normally get that anal smells even you have clean quite well your anus before the playing. You can remove that smell by boiling the roses regularly. Or to make it easier, use the condom during anal play.

  6. To make the play even smoother
    If you are trying to copy the feeling of penetration with the men’s dick, and you want more then the rose toy with dildo can bring to you. There is a trick, to roll a condom over the dildo of the rose vibrator, this can help simulate the feel of the partner sex.
    Also, if you only have the silicone based lubricant, which is not friendly for the silicone rose toy, you can just use the condom as protection for your rose vibrator and keep the smooth experience at the same time.

rose toy with dildo


Tips of using condom on rose toys

Go with the Lube

Apply a drop or two of lubricant inside the condom, roll it on, this can help lower the risk of tearing the condom. 
And make sure you are using the water based lube, the silicone or the oil-based lubes are not safe for your silicone rose toys.

Get the right size

There are distinct size and shape for different kinds of double sided rose toys. For the rose vibrators with the shaft, a medium size condom will be fine; and for the rose with the thrusting dildo, or the rose toy with bullet, you will need to use the small size condom. If the small size condom is still too loose or too long for the toy, you can just tie it on the bottom.

Sometime you may need to get creative

It’s the safest option to use the condom for every rose toy, no matter for internal stimulation or only for external stimulation. Because around the genitals or the anus can also be attached with the bacteria, or the cuts and sores forming around can easily bacterial infections. In this case, if you are using the clit licking rose vibrator, or the rose clit sucker for the external stimulation, you will find it not possible to cover the rose with the condom, especially for the suction rose.
Now let’s change the way of thinking, placing a flat barrier over the vulva, or any part around the genitals that you are going to place the rose toy on - cut off the tip and the rolled end of the condom, then cut up one side, roll it out and cover it on your skin, done.

 rose toy for women

Whether you are using your rose toy in some solo-love, or using it with your regular partner or with multiple playmates, the condoms are a great addition, to create more fun, and more important, they could be your protective barrier. Don’t hesitate putting a condom on your rose toy and spice up your game in a safer way.

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