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We deeply know that, to achieve the orgasm, there are several ways to stimulate ourselves, and although the orgasms are created by the same organ in the human body, it could be kind of individualized for every different people. Our body is full of the nerves, any of them could be the sexually sensitive one - that’s what we call the erogenous zones - and could be the key to the door through the climax. However, as research shows, most of the vulva owners need the external stimulation to their clitoris to get the orgasms.

But we are not saying that the way you stimulate the clitoris must be the same, that’s way the Rose Toy Official Store has designed many distinct types of roes toys to satisfy different needs. For example, the rose toys with tongue, keeps the design of the rose flower shape, which is adorable, and at the same time it’s a oral sex stimulator, because we know that every Queen deserves a moist warm tongue to slide on your sweet clitoris, especially in the cold winter night, when you just want to do something good to yourself, what can be better then a sex toy that can mimic your lover’s tongue?


About the Rose Toy with Tongue

 rose toy with tongue

The rose toy with tongue is a new rose toy, to provides you a different clitoral stimulation experience. It’s with a fashionable rose flower appearance, it’s compact so you could easily hold it in your palm, or carry it around with you in your purse. It’s made of the body-safe silicone material, so it’s soft and smooth. The rose toy with tongue is a lovely and elegant product.

But hey, don’t be fooled by it’s cute design, it’s like 25% faster than a real tongue (or faster), which can bring you a realistic but better oral sex experience. This rose toy is featured with 10 licking patterns, the soft and smooth tongue can lick you from slow to fast, gentle to intense, you can set the licking modes according to your preference.

Just like any other rose toys, the rose toy with tongue can barely be heard while working, the tested noise level is lower than 60dB; it also has adopted the magnetic charging technology and it’s full body waterproof, that means you can use it like anytime and anywhere.


Is it the right toy for you?

It’s a toy perfect for everyone who like oral sex and clitoral stimulation. With it’s soft and nimble tongue, every single lick can just completely fit you whole vulva, while the tip of the tongue teasing right on your clitoris, to make sure you are going to have a extreme oral sex journey. So for every vulva owner that want to find more about your own body, this adorable but powerful rose is 10/10 recommended.

And if you know that the oral love can give you the orgasms, this rose toy with tongue could also be your best choice. Only one simple control button, you can try one by one the licking patterns in 10 different modes, and you can stick to the one when you find that it can give what you want.


How to use it

Take it easy, you will find it really easy to operate when you get that sweet rose toy with tongue, and you will be surprised by how rapid this rose is included in your daily life.

  • Press and hold for 3 seconds to turn on the rose toy
  • Short press to switch different intensity and speed

Make sure it’s fully charged before using it, and it’s suggested a 60 minutes of charging before you use it for the first time. And you don’t need to go direct to the highest setting level for your first try, keep it slow, and start with the lowest setting.

Besides, please use the rose toy with the lubricant. The tongue of the rose sex toy is too soft and smooth to hurt your skin, but to maximize the pleasure, it will be necessary to use some water-based lubricant.

For more information please read: How to Use The Rose Toy?


Some tips for you to use the rose toy with tongue:

  1. Keep adjusting the angle and try every intensity. Once you feel it’s too strong for you, please take it away a little and slow it down, till you find your favorite intensity that can make you feel the pleasure.
  2. Make this rose a little prop in the sex play of you and your lover. Let it join the foreplay, this tongue can not only lick the clitoris to the orgasm, but also can tease the penis - maybe the glans - to get the shaft hard. The spicy oral play is for both of you in the game.
  3. Take it to your bathroom. Why not, the rose toy with tongue is waterproof anyway, don’t waist it. So enjoy the bath with it in the bathtub, and get a total release after a long rough day.
  4. Use the rose toy on your playmate, let him/she use it on you, or let your playmate watch you using it on yourself... any thing that pop into your mind, just give it a try.
  5. Well, you don’t have to use it only when you are masturbating or when you have your lover by your side. What about a video call when you are apart away from each other. Yes, you can still share that sexy moment to each other, to watch your partner masturbate with the tongue rose toy, or let him/her watch you play with it by the camera. Believe me, this will make you even closer then the days you are together everyday.
  6. Clean it after using


How to clean the rose toy with tongue

It’s pretty easy to clean the rose toy with tongue. Easy cleaning with soap and water to the whole body, the tongue and the petals will be enough. It’s better not to use the hard brush on the rose toy, the hard bristles might hurt and scrape the silicone surface of the rose. Avoid have the toy under the strong sunlight for too much time, and you have better rest it for some hour after the cleaning if you want to charge it.


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