Rose Toy Tongue Vibrator

Rose Toy With Tongue Product Comparison

As you can see, both clit licking rose vibrators and rose toy tongue vibrators are rose toy with tongue. They amplify the pleasure in the sexual play no matter if you use them on clitoris, on nipple, or any other erogenous zone of your body. And as the exquisite rose toy, they look quite the same . But if you want to choose the best rose toy for you, it’s necessary to know about the difference between them.


How the rose toy with tongue works


They are the rose inspired design sex toy, the realistic tongue in the middle of the rose provides fantastic oral sex experience. Just like you can see on the rose toys with tongue, these nimble cute tongues can be used on every sexy spot of our body, and it’s specially designed for the clitoris and for the oral sex - you may have known that most of the vulva owners can achieve orgasms by only stimulating the clitoris. Basically there is no limitation on how to use the tongue rose toy.


Specifications comparison


Clit Licking Rose Vibrator

pink rose toy with tongue

How it pleases you: 10 Different Modes to Lick You
Material: Body-safe silicone
Size: 3*2.3 inches
Waterproof performance: IPX7
Noise Level: <50dB (low)
Charging: Magnetic USB Charging


Rose Toy Tongue Vibrator

red rose toy with tongue

How it pleases you: 9 different rhythms to Lick You, plus 9 intense vibrating modes
Material: Body-safe silicone, ABS
Size & Weight: 3.07*2.2 inches, 78.7g
Waterproof performance: IPX7
Noise Level: <50dB (low)
How long does it work: 40~50 minutes of working time per 60 minutes of charging
Charging and Battery: Magnetic USB Charging, 3.7V/140mAh lithium battery


The main differences between them


The biggest difference of the design between the Clit Licking Rose Vibrator and the Rose Toy Tongue Vibrator
is the tongue, the tongue of the Clit Licking Rose Vibrator is thin and soft, and the Rose Toy Tongue Vibrator has a thicker tongue. The flat thin tongue is the improvement made by the rose toy official store, which can make the tongue nimbler and softer, and be able to stimulate the nerves all over on the vulva - besides those on the clitoris - that make you ecstatic. The tongue is featured with 10 licking speeds and rhythms, the breathtaking speed and intensity, going with the soft tongue which is just like a real thing, take you to the extreme oral sex journey. If you have already known how great the oral sex is, maybe you just can’t wait to try the Clit Licking Rose Vibrator. Don’t hesitate, this rose is highly praised by the users also the sex toy experts.

And the other main difference, is the tongue of the Rose Toy Tongue Vibrator can vibrate while it’s licking. Which means you could have a double stimulation on your most sensitive spot. So if you have always liked this kind of solid and deep stimulation, the Rose Toy Tongue Vibrator could be your right tongue rose toy. Besides, there are two control button for these two functions, so you could enjoy the licking or vibration individually, or together to maximize the pleasure.

At last, it is equally important that, both of these two tongue licking rose toys can be used on any sexy spot of body, and they are for any gender. They bring the equal pleasure to everyone.


Which one is right for you


It depends on what you like, so we can see this question as:

If you just like the thrill oral sex brings to you, both of them could be a nice choice;
If you like the fast and intense orgasms, check the Clit Licking Rose Vibrator;
If you are more into the gentle and deep orgasms, check the Rose Toy Tongue Vibrator.

Wish the above can help you gain the best joy and pleasure!

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