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Rose Butt Plug Guide for Beginner

Maybe you have already heard about the anal play, you have never had a try, even though you are curious about it, I know, the asshole is not a regular option for you. And of course it could be a little scary when you know nothing about it. Well, the way it looks do hold you back especially if you are a novice; but if you are willing to give it a try and have the courage to take a step towards it, you will be enthralled with it - the sex toy that can significantly improve your sexual life - the rose butt plug. Believe us, this is another innovation of the rose toy, follow us and explore more in the sex toy world, to add a touch of different color in your life.

What is the rose butt plug?

This sex toy is named after the rose base design, which make it more like a decoration than a sex toy. The rose butt plug is actually the anal plug, every one with anus can enjoy it, no matter if you are biological male or female, or are of the LTBTQ+ group. However there is still some difference between the rose anal plug and the regular anal plug, the rose anal plug can satisfy different needs for distinct users, from the beginner to the expert.


The characteristic of the rose butt plug

  1. Unique and Elegant Design

The unique rose design, the exquisitely carved rose on the base make this anal plug more like an piece of artwork. Even if you bestie find it in your bag or your mom see it on your bed, you don’t need to be embarrassed at all. The base on the bottom is to prevent the butt plug from disappearing in your anus, and you can easily remove it as you want. The silicone material make the outer soft and it’s more comfortable to wear on. Imagine that, the delicate rose is blooming on your anus.


  1. Steady design and soft material

There is a solid steel ball in the butt plug, which can deliver the weight to the nerve endings, brings indescribable pleasure; and also can make the plug more stable in the anus and not easy to slide out. The skin around our anus is tender and sensitive, the soft and smooth material of the rose butt plug is easier to insert and can reduce the possibility of getting hurt, especially for the beginners.


  1. Various Sizes
The three different sizes of the set, from small to large, is beginner friendly and suitable for every one. We should always start with the small one, to relax the sphincter muscle and open your anus up gently. When you are getting comfortable with it, just go on to the bigger size.


  1. Non-porous silicone material

The silicone - one of the best material for the rose toys - is the non-porous material, which means the bacteria is hard to hang and growth on it. Also, it allows the easy clean with soap and water after using it.


How to use the rose butt plug

The good news is, if you buy one luxury rose anal plug set, you will get three different size of the butt plug. As mentioned above, we always suggest you start with the small one, and take it slow. You must don’t want the pain from the cracks in the anal skin.

And keep this in mind, the anus doesn’t produce the lubrication by itself like the vagina, so if you attempt to do the anal penetration, make sure to apply enough water-based lubricant on your anus also on the anal plug, to reduce the discomfort or avoid the chafing caused by the friction on the dry skin of the anus while inserting.
Insert the plug slowly into your anus, or let your partner do it for you.
There are some tips for you about using the rose anal plug:

  1. Try different sizes, and find the one fit you most, it’s hard for you to enjoy your anal play if the toy’s size is too small or too big when you are not get used to it.


  1. To make you and your anus muscles relax, don’t be rush, just have some foreplay before the anal penetration, which will help a lot for the arousal and make the penetration much easier.


  1. It might feel a little weird if it’s the first time for you to insert something in your anus. This is completely normal and don’t quit at that point. But if you actually feel the pain, just slow it down, or stop and remove the butt plug, remember, slowly.


  1. It’s definitely OK, or amazing, I will say, to have some other play while having the anal penetration. Maybe during the masturbation, when you stimulate your clitoris or massage your penis. Or have the rose butt plug stay in the anus while your man’s penis is thrusting into your vagina... I know, it might seem a little crazy, but believe me, it will take you to another world of pleasure.


  1. It’s interesting to wear the rose anal plug for a long time in daily life, which could be a good exercise for your sphincter. But it’s better not to have it stay for over 60 minutes, to avoid the overstretching of the anal muscle.

  2. Clean it well after using.
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Is the rose butt plug safe?

It usually is safe only if you use it in the right way and adopt the precautions properly. Which includes:

  1. Use a big amount of the water-based lubricant. The lubes are always essential when you are going with the sex toys, especially when you are using them on the anus. The anus doesn’t get wet even though you are getting turned on, the lack of lubrication will make the penetration rough and cause a lot of pain, so obviously to lubricate is a must to do. And the outer of rose anal plug is made of the silicone, you should have known that you shall not use the oil-based lubricant on it. The water-based lubes will be the best.

  2. The health status. If you are having the anal fissure, hemorrhoids, or any prostate disease, you should stop using any anal toy, or you should have consulted your doctor or the healthcare provider before using it.
  1. Clean it after using. Even the rose butt plug is made of the non-porous silicone material, and you have cleaned it completely every time after using it, but you have better have another simple clean before using it, because it might have contact the dust and some other impurities in the air.
    And of course we must clean it after using, well, the poo, even though you have given enema and clean your anus quite well, but in fact there still would be very few stuck dung in the anal canal. Furthermore, it will cause bacterial infections or std if use the unclean anal toy. If you have clean it properly, then there will be no risk of infections.

How to clean the rose butt plug

It could take more time to clean the rose anal plug than the other anal plugs because of the unique carving rose design on the base. Your body fluid might remain in between the rose petals or in the gap, this is the difficult part of the cleaning. But in fact it could be pretty easy if you know how to clean the rose.

Usually an easy surface clean with soap and water will be good enough, and have a extra cleaning using the swab or the towel to clean the petal part, which would not be difficult because the silicone petals are flexible enough, and you could just easily pull apart a little for the cleaning. Also the rose butt plug is waterproof, so you could clean it in the shower or in the bathtub after using it.

The non-porous silicone is not a right place for the bacteria, but it do absorb the bad smells. If you care about it and want to remove the smell of the anus, besides the daily easy clean with soap and water, you can consider to periodically boil it or sanitize it . When you are sanitizing it, just have a quick dip in the cold water with a 10% solution of bleach, then rinse it well, remember, don’t heat the blench.
After the cleaning, wipe and dry the rose anal plug with soft towel, and put it in a dry place for the next use.

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The rose anal plug is great, and the rose toys bring so much joy and pleasure to our beautiful life. Of course, they are not 100% perfect for anyone, the feeling about the rose butt plug varies for every individual. Here we have to emphasize that take it slow and be cautious. If you still can’t find the anal play enjoyable, it’s not a big deal, well, there are so much more rose toys, they are ready to serve and please you.

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