women masturbation

The 5 Best Masturbation Tips for Women

You should not be ashamed of pleasing yourself

Many women feel embarrassed about masturbating and as many as 55 percent of women prefer not to talk about it at all. While masturbating is something you shouldn't be ashamed of at all.

Almost everyone does it and it is also very healthy. It counteracts depression, strengthens your pelvic floor muscles and improves blood flow in your lower body. When you can let go of all your doubts and shame about masturbation, you will see that satisfying yourself becomes a lot nicer too!

women masturbation


Our body is complex, but it’s also quite simple and is easy to read under sexual pleasure.

So how can we masturbate more “efficiently” and make ourselves feel better? Here are some tips for you.


Tip 1: Be confident

You should at least like yourself if you gonna make love to yourself. Nowadays, female are talking about self-awareness. However many of the women are still insecure about their body and their looks even though they are gorgeous already. So keep this in mind, you are beautiful and sexy enough, in and out of the bedroom. Be confident about yourself and about what you’re going to do, then you will know how to seduce and please yourself.


Tip 2: Get in the right mood

A woman is generally not immediately turned on from one moment to the next. You have to build that excitement. Your body needs time to pump blood to your vagina and alert your nerves.

First, warm up your body by thinking about something exciting. At the same time, for example, massage your nipples and work your way down. You can sense when you're excited enough to take it a step further. But take into account at least 10 to 20 minutes to fully warm up your body. After that warm-up, masturbating will feel nicer and more intense.


Tip 3: Get to know your body

If you don't know what you like, masturbating will never really be nice. So find out what you like.

Start at the top and run your hands down your body. Don't skip your nipples. Your nipples are part of your erogenous zones. Rub it, squeeze it lightly and try to determine what works best for you.

Then slide your hands further down as if someone else is touching you. Run your fingertips over your hips, buttocks, and inner thighs. Chances are it helps to get excited. Take as much time as you need for this 'route'. Finally, you end up with your clitoris and vagina.


Tip 4: Using Rose Toy

Using a vibrator can be a very pleasant way to satisfy yourself and let's face it: it also takes over a bit of work. Especially if you have trouble coming or masturbating with your fingers in general, a rose vibrator is probably something for you. There are different type of rose toy with different functions to satisfy you. 

Rose-shaped Sex Toy

Rose Sex Toy vibrators have become particularly popular in recent years. According to the feedback of the rose toy user, this rose-shaped sex toy do make her feel sexier than the other vibrators do.

Rose toy meets distinct sexual demands

Besides the adorable design, the various functions of this adult toy can definitely meet your masturbation demands. You used to stimulating your clitoris? Or you will go straight to the penetrative play? You can find what you need in Rose Toy Official Store.
More than that, you can choose the rose toy by the teasing way you like, weather you like the feeling of sucking, licking? You prefer the feeling of being filling up or the feeling of thrusting if you are going to have vaginal stimulation...

There will be so much fun if you choose the right rose toy, all you need to do is placing the rose vibrator on the right place and the device does the rest.

 best rose toy set

Tip 5: Try these masturbation techniques

One likes hard rubbing, while the other reaches the end station with tender touches, although the latter will be the case with most women. We have a number of masturbation techniques you can try to find out what you like.

Indirect stimulation

For some women, direct contact with the clitoris is so intense that it feels uncomfortable. In that case, you can try to masturbate with your underpants on or with a pillow between your legs. Gently rub your underpants with the flat of your hand and put some pressure on your clitoris.

The circular movement

The circular motion is perhaps the best known. Hold your labia apart with one hand while masturbating with the other hand. Use one or two fingers for this. Now make circular movements around your clitoris. A little vaginal fluid, saliva or lubricant is recommended.

Pat technique

When you need more stimulation than the above techniques, you can use the patting technique. Always do this gently and let your clitoris get used to the touch. In fact, you give gentle rhythmic pats to your clitoris, giving it 'pleasure shocks', so to speak. You can move your finger faster as you approach your climax.

G spot massage

Not all women like to stimulate the clitoris alone. In that case, you can grab your g-spot. Massage your labia and stud with one hand, while inserting a finger with your other hand. At about 3 to 5 centimeters deep on your abdomen you will feel a ribbed bulge. This is your g-spot and is basically the spout and "back" of your clitoris. Your clitoris is not only on the outside, but continues on the inside. Possibly raise your hips slightly to better feel the g-spot. Now make a "come here" or curl gesture. You can put some pressure on it.

It is important with all these techniques that your rhythm continues and does not stop! Then the chance of an orgasm will be greatest. Don't forget to grab the area around your vagina with these techniques as well.


Why we masturbate? I think the answer of many of you is the orgasms. Yes, orgasm is amazing, but it’s not the only destination. Just feel your body, feel the pleasure of the process, the self-exploration will help you learn so much more about yourself!

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