Waterproof rose toy

Waterproof rose toy: let’s get wet together

Waterproof, the essential, also the basic function for the female rose toy that goes viral. Rose Toy Official Store guarantees the full body waterproof function to our full line rose toy products, so our queens can enjoy a carefree sexy bathtub moment with our rose toy.


We know, some still can’t stop thinking about the stability of the waterproof performance, although they have already taken the rose toy to the shower and have had their moment. There is a voice in their mind: is it gonna hurt me? The charging port is exposed, how is the waterproof possible? Will there be a electric leakage or a short circuit...
Well, nice questions! But chill, my sweetheart. In this article we will dispel all of your doubts!

rose toy waterproof

You will find that, in the Rose Toy Official Store, the best selling rose toy products, have all adopted the magnetic charging port, and except the magnetic pins for the connection, the battery, motor, circuit board and the processor, all of the parts that make the rose toy function, are completely covered by the high quality silicone, which seals and protects those parts. And the magnetic connecting pins, are plated by the stable insulating metallic, so the exposed metal part is safe in the water and will not leak electricity. The only thing you need to do is to dry the charging port after using the rose toy in water or cleaning it, and make sure it’s dry when you connect it to the charging cable. yes, celebrate it, this waterproof technology means you could enjoy your favorite entertaining toys in the bathroom, in the bathtub, having the most relax, comfortable and sexy time of the day.

The rose clit stimulator, rose dildo, rose toy with tongue, and the rose clit sucker & tongue vibrator, all these rose sex toys are with the magnetic charging port, and are 100% waterproof.

Waterproof Rose Toy for Women

Good news is, besides the rose toy with magnetic charging port design, all of the sex toy you can find in Rose Toy Official Store, is waterproof rose toy. You must have noticed that some rose toys are with the pinhole charging port design, they undoubtedly can be used in the water, too. The pinhole charging port will be perfectly covered by the stretchable and flexible silicone surface, while the charging pin could be easily inserted into the rose toy’s port through the little hole of the silicone when you need to charge the toy, and when you are using the toy, the port is perfectly protect by the silicone surface, even in the water.


Our professional rose toy quality supervisors, have tested all of our toys in the water, the recorded waterproof test item includes the working time in water, the depth, noise level in water, etc. And as expected, they have passed all of these tests excellently.

Rose Toy Tongue G Spot Vibrator

When the sex love in the bedroom has become the routine, and you are thinking of changing the situation and getting the passion back, we are 10 out of 10 recommend you to stimulate your clitoris during the bath, or to be bolder and have some penetrative play. Breaking the habit of having sex on bed or masturbating in your bedroom, can help you open up your mind, and get the complete fresh feeling about sex also about your body.

The steamy bath and the warm water will definitely bring you a completely different self pleasing experience. The heat of the water and the steam just open our pores, with the rich and fine bubbles, your body will be in a extremely relaxing status, but also is more sensitive, some intense stimulation on the clit or in the vagina from the rose toy will give you the best release ever. Or you can also have the shower standing, and put the rose on your sensitive spot, maybe stand for the shower and tease yourself is not as chill as lying down in the bathtub, but in fact the gravity will surprise you in an unexpected way, because if you get orgasm while standing, it will make a stronger flow of blood through your genital, and give you an even more intense feeling.

By the way, there will be no extra cleaning after the sexy play.


Some may ask, “I am using the rose toy during the shower, and the water is smooth enough, is the lubricant still necessary? ” That will be a big yes! We recommend you to use the lubricant even you are having the game in the water, because they work better than the water and can give you a smoother experience. But it’s all up to you, if you think the water lube quite well, then just use the water will be fine.


We hope you can explore more joy and fun with the rose toys, well, if this brief article didn’t inspire you to spend more time enjoying your sexy moment in the bathroom, you could read our another article, how to use the rose toy in bathtub?

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