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Lost My Rose Toy Charger, What Can I Do?

It’s really annoying if the rose toy is out of battery while using it, or let’s face the fact: It’s completely a nightmare if the rose toy just quits part way through the play, because it was not fully charged. If you have ever been chagrined caused by the uncharged rose toy, or worse, you can’t even charge it, I think that’s why you are reading this article right now.

Rose Toy Charging Accesories

I can’t find the rose toy charger, I need help.


First of all, calm down, we got you. It’s very easy to get a replacement for the missing rose toy charging cable, all you need to do is going to the Rose Toy Official Store, where you can find a very convenient product page and find what you need accurately. If you own a rose clit stimulator or a clit licking rose vibrator, please choose Rose Toy Charger - Charging Base, and place the order, then you will can finally charge your rose toy soon. Get ready for your pleasure toy and charge it !


There are 3 types of charging cable in the store, how can I know if I have chosen a right one?


You are hitting the spot! Yes, you may have found out that the Rose Toy Official Store not only produce the most luxury rose toy, but also supply the very user friendly charging cable. There are 3 kinds of them.


The only difference between these three kinds of charging cables is: the charging port. For the USB magnetic charging cable, it is adaptive with all kinds of rose toys, except the rose clit stimulator, clit licking rose toy, tongue rose G-Spot vibrator, and the Rose Toy Vibrating Wand... which means you can charge your rose toys with the same charging cable usually, if you own more then one rose toy.


In fact, before you buy a new charging cable for your rose clit stimulator, you can check your toy box first, and see if there is another rose toy, like the clit licking rose vibrator, you can recharge your rose adult toy with the attached same charging cable.


In the end, there are only 3 kinds of rose toy charger: the magnetic charging base, magnetic charging cable and the pinhole charging cable. The rose clit stimulator and the clit licking rose is adaptive with the magnetic charging base, the rose tongue G-spot vibrator and the rose toy vibrating wand is adaptive with the pinhole charging cable, and the other products are all adopting the USB magnetic charging cable.


I have the charger for the other product (not the rose toy), can I use it to charge my rose?


This is absolutely not recommended. The difference of the charger may lead to damage of your rose toy, and you will need to buy a new toy, which is much more costly than a charging cable.


How often should I recharge my toy?


Before everything, you should figure out it’s working time, and you can find this information in every product page and the enclosed user manual. For example, the rose clit sucker & tongue vibrator can work for 50 minuets in the strongest setting when it’s fully charged. But you should stop using the rose toy before draining it to 0%, because it will shorten the battery life if it’s constantly running out of power. That's why we should try not to keep it working for such a long time, for example, your average usage time of the rose clit sucker or tongue rose vibrator is 10 minutes, so you will know you can use it for 5 times with a fully charged battery; however, if you charge it after every 4 times of usage, you will have a healthier battery! 

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