How Does The Rose Toys Work?

How Does The Rose Toys Work?

Over the past year, if you are like most of the female sex toy users, maybe you have known it or have taken a close look at it, or you have had your best masturbation experience ever attributing to this little buddy - the rose toy - have you ever wondered why it’s so powerful? How does it work? Keep reading, this article will help you a lot about using rose toy.


The components and working principle of the rose vibrator


The motor

Like the other luxury vibrators, the rose toy stimulates in distinct ways by the vibration of the motor. Depending on the model you buy, the rose vibrator is driven by one or two internal motors, and each of them provides different modes or different levels of intensity of vibrations to ensure the pleasure making devices bring you fun and joy.


Every experienced sex toy users know that without charging even the best rose toy will be worthless. For the rose toys, we have chosen the best rechargeable lithium ion battery to do the power supply, which can not only improve the space utilization, but also make guaranteed its power - to make the rose toys compact enough while is efficient. If you use the rose toy with its highest level setting at the state of fully charged, the battery will keep supplying the power for around 1 hour.

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Settings button

The rose toys usually have one or two power button or settings button, which is depending on the model you buy. To simplify the button, the rose toy can usually be turn on or turn off by holding it for 2-3 seconds, and short press to switching the settings. These settings are relating to the speeds, the rhythm, or intensity, and you can feel that the stimulation constantly, and rhythmic.

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Since the rose toy was getting viral on TikTok from 2020, the versions and the functions are kept updating and upgrading. You can believe in us.

The constant growth of the user groups, and to satisfy the need of different users, the rose toy is equipped with more functions. Many of the vulva owners need to stimulate the clitoris to orgasms, but not everyone feels good about it. What’s more important is that there are many different ways to stimulate the clit, much less not every vulva owner need clitoral stimulation.

The mission of the rose toys is to satisfy the distinct needs of the users.

  1. Suction rose toy: the air pulse created by the internal vibration sucks and teases the erogenous zones of your body, and there are 7~10 different suction modes providing the stimulation and feeling for the exciting orgasm.
  1. Tongue rose vibrator: the motor provides the power of swing, and the external soft silicone mimic the real tongue. The tongue keeps licking the sexy spots of your body tirelessly, don’t worry about it will stop before it driving you to the orgasm.
  1. Rose toy with tail: the tongue rose toy and the suction rose toy is born for the clitoris stimulation, or more directly, for the clitoris orgasm. Because a majority of the vulva owners need the clitoral stimulation to orgasms. But we know that the internal stimulation can bring the really different and serious pleasure, so the rose toy with tail is born, for the vaginal orgasm, or for the blended orgasm. There are two motors in this type of rose toy, and the 2 setting buttons are used to control separately the vibration of the rose head and of the tail, so that you can have these two parts working individually or at the same time. The tail of the rose toy can be a dildo for the vaginal stimulation, also can be a anal vibrator, which is a bold innovation, to satisfy every erogenous zones of your body, including the anus.
  2. Rose butt plug: there is no motor in these butt plug, in the middle of it is a solid steel ball, that can delivers the weight while inserting into your anus. The external of the anal plug is the soft silicone, to make it easy to insert and can target your prostate. The rose base prevent it from necessary movement and make it easy to be taken out, also you don’t need to worry that it will slide out while wearing it.

The design and the pattern of different rose vibrators could be different, and the functions could be distinct, but you can still find the same good features on the luxury rose toys:

  1. waterproof
  2. compact and portable
  3. quite and discreet
  4. multiple setting modes
  5. rose flower design

Is the rose quite enough while working?

There is a vibrating motor inside the rose toy, so it will make the noise to some extent. Although we don’t need to make it sneaky, or feel embarrassed about masturbation, it is understandable that most of the sex toy users don’t want to broadcast to the world that they are touching themself.
After a 142 hours of meticulous testing, the noise generated while working is averagely lower then 55dB, even at the highest level setting. So now you can use the rose toy to enjoy some worriless releases and orgasms.

The difference from the traditional vibrator

In appearance, the most obvious difference between the rose toy and the traditional vibrator is the rose flower design, which is attractive. While regarding the function, the rose vibrator is just like the other vibrator, you can use it in creative ways, to satisfy your sexual desire - of whole body -- providing stimulation to clitoris, labia, nipples, vagina, anus, and any other places that you feel good about. The gender doesn’t matter, women or men, or the LTBTQ+ members, you can use the rose toy to spice up yourself, and improve your sexual life. Isn’t it great.

The story is keep going on, every year there will be new rose toys, or even couple month. Just come with us and explore the whole new world.

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